Cleaning Up The Metabolic Mess


Let’s channel our inner artists a little today.   Draw in your mind’s eye, a big circle. This represents a typical cell in the human body.  This big circle separates the inside from the outside of the cell.  This circle is called the membrane.  It should be porous, and pliable.  Meaning it should have the ability to let the good things in…

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Make Peace, Not War. With Your Body That Is.


You’ll often hear me say, “the better you understand your body, the better you can care for it.”  There’s a lot of truth to that.  I’m a hippie at heart.  Not so much the psychedelics and “free love” kind of hippie, though I can’t definitively say I wouldn’t have partaken had I been part of the original movement.  As a modern hippie (of sorts),…

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Eat Meat To Lower Your Stress


“Eating Meat Can Lower My Stress?”  I can hear you now…and yes it does.  Keep reading to learn why.   Stress is a common side effect of living a modern life. It builds up and up and up because everything we do is far more hectic than it ought to be. We work too much, worry too much, and…

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Low-Carb Meatball Stroganoff (with zoodles)


I prefer savory to sweet any day…I got my fill with this meal.  The combination of a rich and creamy sauce with the depth in flavor of the meatballs was outstanding.  Add to that the crisp flavor of the zucchini…mmmm! To cut prep time down, you can make a couple dozen meatballs ahead of time.  If you do this, I’d suggest freezing in…

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Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Avocado Beef Bombs


Bacon wrapped avocado beef bombs are really filling and a go-to when its avocado season!  FYI, it is always bacon season at my house so it would be pointless to gauge seasons by those slices of heaven! I often eat one meal a day (OMAD) and this is a perfect selection.  Each nugget o’ goodness…

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5 Tasty Low Carb On-the-Go Meals


You’ve made the decision to eat low carb…kudos to you for that! However, you may soon realize that it can easily become much more difficult than you anticipated; at least without a little thought and preparation.  #FoodieFriday So What’s To Be Done? Let’s face it, life keeps us busy.  It can be quite the task to wake up earlier in the morning to prepare food…

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Marinated Tofu, Veg and Fun-guy (Mushroom) Stir-Fry


Tofu lovers and (former) haters agree…this is an awesome way to enjoy a meatless meal.  I am constantly asked for a recipe when someone is having a vegan over for dinner…this is my go-to!  Tofu takes some prep work.  Here’s a quick tutorial showing a super simple way to get all the excess water out of it. This…

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Mongolian Beef Eggroll in a Bowl (Dr. Sam-ified)


photo: To give you a peek into some of the foods that promote ketosis…here’s a recipe from my Pinterest stash.  This is a staple at my house! Busy Life Tip:  brown 2-3 pounds of ground beef on the weekend, season with salt and pepper only.  Season for the desired flavor on the night you put…

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