Why Your Adrenals Need Extra Love During Midlife

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Imagine this … it’s a particularly tiring Friday after a rather stressful week during an absolutely exhausting month.  You’ve “done had it” with everything and everyone.  T.G.I.F. vibes are dialed up to MAX levels today!   As you’re packing your briefcase, playing the mental “what’s in the fridge for dinner” game, you get a call.  It’s…

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Don’t Let Menopause Derail Your Career

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All too often women at the pinnacle of their careers are blindsided by something we just don’t talk about.  Now it’s not that back-stabber of a colleague, nor is it the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” rearing its ugly mug yet again.  This “something” is an open secret.  One that almost everyone is aware of yet…

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Diets Don’t Work. Do This Instead.


We women have been at war with our bodies ever since the first bathroom scale hit the floor.  Most of us began our personal battle some time in our teens and it was usually in response to a comment from a mean girl, some other jerk at school, or a “well-meaning” adult.  How many well-meaning adults have we known in our lives?  “Oh honey, don’t eat…

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How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally In Perimenopause


During the month of March 2022, I will be focusing my outreach on the hormonal changes women experience during peri- thru post- menopause.  You’ll hear a few familiar things and some that may be new to you.  I encourage you to open your mind to a new way of thinking about what is unfolding for you during this powerful life transition.  This…

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Cleaning Up The Metabolic Mess


Let’s channel our inner artists a little today.   Draw in your mind’s eye, a big circle. This represents a typical cell in the human body.  This big circle separates the inside from the outside of the cell.  This circle is called the membrane.  It should be porous, and pliable.  Meaning it should have the ability to let the good things in…

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Make Peace, Not War. With Your Body That Is.


You’ll often hear me say, “the better you understand your body, the better you can care for it.”  There’s a lot of truth to that.  I’m a hippie at heart.  Not so much the psychedelics and “free love” kind of hippie, though I can’t definitively say I wouldn’t have partaken had I been part of the original movement.  As a modern hippie (of sorts),…

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“Lose Weight”. Another Phrase To Retire In 2022.


There’s a conversation going on highlighting words and phrases that we need to lay to rest in 2022.  I have one to add to that list: ”lose weight”.  Seriously!  That 2-word phrase along with any and all variations thereof needs to go.  *Buh-bye.* It’s not about weight loss for crying out loud. It’s about losing excess body fat.  Not all of our fat so we…

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