Eat Meat To Lower Your Stress

Eat Meat

“Eating Meat Can Lower My Stress?”  I can hear you now…and yes it does.  Keep reading to learn why.   Stress is a common side effect of living a modern life. It builds up and up and up because everything we do is far more hectic than it ought to be. We work too much, worry too much, and…

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Is It “Just Stress” Or Is It Anxiety?

Is It Just Stress

Contrary to popular belief, there is a significant difference between stress and anxiety. I will go on record to say there is no such thing as “just stress”, but since I hear that phrase almost every day from the women reaching out to me, I’ve elected to use it here. In this article, I’ll share a few key differences with you from my…

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How To Channel Your Inner Rebel

How To Channel

My Inner Rebel has never been a challenge to summon.  We’re thick as thieves and have roused many rebellions in our 50 years together.   One super cool addition that has come on scene in the past few years is her sidekick…”I Don’t Give A *” (IDGA*).  Now in some circles the * stands for “F”…

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Flex Your “I’ve Got This” Muscle…Then Repeat

Flex Your Ive Got This

Perseverance is defined as the ability to stick to your goals and pursue them even in the midst of challenges and setbacks. You may lose all of your assets, you may become physically ill, or you may encounter a million other obstacles on your journey toward success, but you continue to focus on your goal. …

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Are You in the (E) Camp or the (F) Camp?

Are You In

Your body has a built-in fuel gauge* much like the one in your car.  Instead of simply noting how much fuel is in the tank, the body’s fuel gauge determines whether we burn our food for energy or store it as fat. Insulin points the needle toward (E)mpty AKA “Energy” or (F)ull AKA “Fat”. After eating, insulin and the enzymes over which it reigns determine how the nutrients in your…

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This Is “Jet Fuel” For The Body & Brain, But You Can’t Buy It Anywhere.

This Is Jet Fuel

Life as we know it can be stressful to say the least.  Add to it the breakneck speed at which most of us operate, and it’s no wonder we have to jolt ourselves with caffeine or a sugar high multiple times a day. We jump from one thing to another because we’re always behind the 8-ball with a never-ending row of deadlines in our future.  Just when we think we’ve…

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“You MUST Eat Every 2-3 Hours Or You’ll Go Into Starvation Mode”…and Other BS You’ve Been Force-Fed

You Must Eat Every 2 3 Hours

“You MUST eat every 2-3 hours or you’ll go into starvation mode.” Ahhh…the Holy Grail of fitness experts and obesity profiteers alike. We’ve all heard Conventional Wisdom’s reasoning behind the “eat every 2-3 hours” chant.  “It will stoke your metabolic fire.” “You’ll have more energy.” And my favorite, “You’ll burn more calories”.  Sorry to say, they’re…

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The Emptiness Within That Never Gets Filled. Until We Do This.

The Emptiness Within

We can choke down the feelings of emptiness for only so long.   There comes a point that despite “succeeding” at the success game, many of us feel a gnawing emptiness inside.  It’s not the lack of something kind of empty, it’s the type of emptiness that takes up all the available space until it can no longer be ignored.  For when it is ignored, it manifests…

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