Why Your Waistline Expands In Perimenopause And What To Do About It (HINT: It Isn’t “Eat Less & Move More”.)

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If you’re a woman in midlife and your waistline is expanding, your energy is plummeting, and all-in-all you just don’t feel like “you”, please hear this: you are not broken.  You’re most likely in perimenopause.  And that very natural stage in a woman’s life coupled with a common metabolic issue, added to the constant state…

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“I’ve Done Everything Right! Why Do I Feel So Empty Inside?”

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We can choke down the feelings of emptiness for only so long.   There comes a point in life when many of us feel a gnawing emptiness inside. It’s not the “lack of something” kind of empty, it’s the type of emptiness that takes up all the available space until it can no longer be ignored. And when it is ignored, it manifests as anger and anxiety, and ultimately illness and disease. …

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Why Your Adrenals Need Extra Love During Midlife

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Imagine this … it’s a particularly tiring Friday after a rather stressful week during an absolutely exhausting month.  You’ve “done had it” with everything and everyone.  T.G.I.F. vibes are dialed up to MAX levels today!   As you’re packing your briefcase, playing the mental “what’s in the fridge for dinner” game, you get a call.  It’s…

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No Longer Living On Life’s Back Burner

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It’s time to reframe the narrative around midlife and menopause.  I for one have done had it with the way women are portrayed in our midlife years and beyond.   Frail, Fragile & Bitter We are depicted as frail in body, fragile in mind, and bitter in spirit.  We are told that our best days are…

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When Your “Let’s Get It On” Gets Up And Goes


Perimenopause is an unraveling unto itself.  Simply put, our unraveling is an opportunity for us to examine our lives as objectively as possible given the tools and skillsets we possess.  During this transformative phase, we come face-to-face with a proverbial “fork in the road”.  One prong leads to more of the same; the other leads to the unknown which is always accompanied by…

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How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally In Perimenopause


During the month of March 2022, I will be focusing my outreach on the hormonal changes women experience during peri- thru post- menopause.  You’ll hear a few familiar things and some that may be new to you.  I encourage you to open your mind to a new way of thinking about what is unfolding for you during this powerful life transition.  This…

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Why Community Matters In Perimenopause


I’m really glad you’re reading this today. You may be one of the millions of women going through some rather difficult life changes.  As with most changes that accompany life, these changes come and they go. That goes for the good, the bad, and everything in between. Kicker is, you may be one of the women who is truly suffering through the hormonal changes we experience during midlife. And all…

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The Midlife Unraveling Requires Chutzpah And Heaping Helpings Of It!


Fast cars and faster (younger, much younger) women. That’s the quintessential stereotype of a man’s “midlife crisis”. Complete that picture with a spray tan and hair plugs, and voila…transformation complete. And pretty much completely acceptable in our society as it stands. Side note…society as we know it is smack dab in the midst of an…

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