A Childhood Decision Was Running My Life Into The Ground

Child looking solemn

A business coach once said to me, “You can’t read the label from inside the jar”.  That statement has stuck with me for years. I say it to clients myself, on the regular.   “What Does That Say?” In a nutshell the phrase means that we can’t see what’s transpiring when we’re in the thick of…

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Perimenopause Brain. It’s Like Pregnancy Brain But Then Again, It’s Not.

Perimenopause Brain

Pregnancy and perimenopause are natural phenomena unique to the female body.  One common accompaniment to both is a temporary change in brain chemistry.   You’re more than likely familiar with “pregnancy brain”.  In fact, you may have experienced it first-hand, or “in sympathy” with your partner like that 15 pounds you gained alongside her.   Similar, Yet…

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How To Get Everything You Want In Life…A Study Of Habits. (Part 1 of 4)

A Study Of Habits-Part 1

If you’re constantly in chaos it’s because of your operating system. Life is much like a computer, you can use the default settings or personalize your experience.  The default settings in most of our cases come from the programming our well-meaning mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers installed.  Peers and siblings have influence.  As does the world around us. In this blog series, I…

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We Need More Women In Leadership. So Why Do We Ignore Their Needs In Perimenopause And Beyond?

Woman leader at work

We need more women in leadership. So why do we ignore their needs in perimenopause and beyond?   It makes no sense to me.  How about you?   I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that at a time when we need more experienced women in leadership roles in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors of business, we all but abandon them to fend for themselves. Perimenopause is a time in which we need to support one another more than…

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