How To Find Your Passion In Midlife

How To Find Your Passion In Midlife…Heck, Any Time In Life.

Finding your “passion” is the quickest way to increase your odds of being successful. Successful at anything really. A hobby, a relationship, a career, a craft…this thing called life.

When it comes to business, the passion you have for what you do will help you overcome challenges and persuade people to want to do business with you. At least that’s what “they” say. And I tend to agree…for the most part.  

Passion is awesome. It is that je ne sais quoi. It is that zest for life. It is that driving force that makes us hop out of bed in the morning and work late into the night on a project that we just can’t put down.

Passion is also a very unreliable source of motivation for most humans. I am multi-passionate and found (still find, at times) myself hopping from one “passion project” to another on the regular. Often abandoning something before it truly had an opportunity to take root. Why? You ask. Because I lost that loving (passionate) feeling.  

All that to say, don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re passionate about. It’s probably going to be different a year, or a month, or even a week from now. If you’re anything like me and most every other human I’ve known.  

But if you’re putting off your dreams of becoming a successful business owner for instance, because you haven’t discovered your passion, here are three ways to help you find what you’re passionate about so you can start your pursuit. 

Follow Your Curiosity

While you may not have a clear vision of what you want to do with your life, you are probably curious about things that may not be obvious. To tap into the unique motivations that separate you from others, you need to follow your curiosity and uncover your less apparent interests. Pursuing your less obvious interests will set you on a path to unlocking your creativity and who you really are.

Don’t Think About the Money

If you want to spend your life doing something that you love, the best way to start is to treat any financial concerns that you might have as secondary concerns. Now I know the world tells you otherwise, but your core motivations are not money driven. They’re soul driven and your soul doesn’t speak “money”.  

If the practicality of what you want to do and how much money you can earn is a primary criterion for you, you will quickly limit your options to what is predictable, making it tough for you to do what you really love. 

By allowing yourself to follow your curiosity without worrying about money, you will find yourself in a position of power that will ultimately put you in the position of earning money on your terms

Don’t Be Afraid to Quit if It’s Not Working

There are many people in the world who hate their jobs and know that they are meant to do something different in their life but stay in the position they hate for a long time nonetheless. Their main reason for not leaving is that they have no idea what it is they want to do in their life. Staying in a job that you hate won’t allow you to learn or discover your ideal career or business venture. If the current situation isn’t working for you, find something else

Finding your passion isn’t always an easy thing to do. However, if you want to be a successful business owner in the midlife station of life, time’s a tickin’! The time is now.  Your future self will thank you.  Take the time to figure out what you are passionate about. 

Starting with these three tips can help you discover your passion and put you on the path to success.  

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