Episode 067: Why Cycle Tracking Is Pivotal In Business.

Have you ever noticed that one day you’re even-keeled, steady and everything you “touch” turns to gold? 

Only to be followed a day or so later (maybe a week) when you appear to have been strapped into an emotional rollercoaster (against your will), taken for a wild ride (that is anything but fun), and now what was once gold is a flaking mess and you’re wondering what the *bleep* just happened?   

I have.  Plenty of times.  And until I learned what I’m sharing with you in this episode, I was riding the struggle bus.  Big time! 

Our businesses live and breathe by the decisions we make.  

When I was struggling most, I was making major decisions out of sync with my my best timing for making them. 

You may be experiencing this as well.    

In this episode, I introduce the practice of cycle tracking and dive into why you may want to make it a priority when it comes to your business decision making.  

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