Ee 007 The Proper Care Steps 7 9 3

EE 007: The Proper Care and Feeding of the EXECUpreneur: Steps 7, 9 & 3

These 3 steps are the support staff of the 12-Steps.  Without these 3 you can do and do, but you’ll be spinning your metabolic wheels.  

Remember the 2-fold process I discussed in episode 4, “Now For the Meat of the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE…hold the potatoes”?  In addition to ceasing the onslaught of havoc wreaking carbs, we’ve got to use up what’s already been shoved in every cellular nook & cranny.  Then flush it out.   

This is the 2…3 punch this trio brings to the ring.  

Step #7:  Squelch That Sweet Tooth

Ah…the sweet tooth…get that baby extracted!  

If only it were that easy.  

Our sweet meters are broken.  We’ve been raised to be sugar addicts from the very beginning.  In nature, sweet is associated with “safe to eat.”  We are hard-wired to seek sweet.  

In the wild, that is good.  In today’s world, where we have engineered the wild out of our life, this is NOT good.  It is bad, very bad.  It’s so bad it’s killing us…slowly and painfully.  

Even our fruit is sweeter than ever.  It is bred to be that way.  Whether GMO or just good old-fashioned propagation, this stuff is off the charts saaahhhweet!!  And we love it!!  

Did you know there are over 70 names for sweeteners in food?  This number doesn’t even touch on the alternative sweeteners.  

Some aliases for the “other white powder”:  agave nectar, corn syrup, sucrose (anything with an –ose), rice syrup (anything with a syrup), dextrose (there’s another -ose), HFCS, and the list goes on and on…here’s a cheat sheet that you can print out to have with you when you shop.  You’ll be shocked at the lengths these sneaky buggers go to try to keep their shenanigans unnoticed.  

Oh, I’ve noticed.

Step #9:  Hydration Formula

Being properly hydrated is a great way to stack the energy deck in your favor.  Everybody knows they need to drink water, but how much?  

The human body is on average 60 percent water.  Water is a natural appetite suppressant, aids in digestion and supports the body’s ability to metabolize fat, therefore tap into boundless energy!  

Several studies have found that reducing intake of water might cause fat deposits to increase while drinking more reduces them.  

How much is enough?  Experts agree ½ ounce of water per pound of body weight is a good daily goal.  It’s a good place to start and adjust from there.  

Divide how many pounds you weigh in half and drink that many ounces.  Everyday.  

Keep in mind, the more active you are, and the more you sweat, the more hydration you will need.

A little extra in the way of electrolytes can help avoid the Keto Funk (some say Flu, I say Funk).  When changing from burning sugar to fat as the main energy source, some people experience headaches, muscle cramps, or weakness.  These may occur as a result of the body trying to find its new electrolyte balance.  

Eating the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE way is naturally diuretic, so you don’t have to avoid salt to minimize water retention unless you are under doctor’s orders to do so.  In that case, consult your doctor.  

Step #3:  Fed:Fast Ratio

Timing when you eat and when you don’t is a tactic that has been used for decades, but often incorrectly.  

You don’t just run into Intermittent Fasting (I/F) all willy-nilly.  You’ve got to help the body convert to burning fat and running on ketones, then dial in the timing for feasting and fasting.  

Intermittent fasting minimizes the amount of time your body has insulin coursing through its veins.  This is on our second side of the two sides of our solution.  

Intermittent fasting is how we burn off the stored fat and sugar…it’s a brilliant design.  Think clean, boundless energy!  

Some people get freaked out by the word fasting.  It has to do with our Conventional Wisdom brainwashing that we MUST eat every 2-3 hours or we’ll go into “starvation mode”…so much bull-stuff there.  

When done correctly THIS is your secret weapon.  Not to mention it’s free…and oh so convenient.  You’re literally doing nothing!  

Imagine all the time you’ll have to put toward your goals.  Imagine all the mental energy you’ll save when you don’t think about what you’ll eat all day? 

One common theme those who dial in their fed:fasted ratio report is that their brain fog is eliminated when they get their metabolic chemistry in check.  They report clarity in thought and focus.  What EXECUpreneur doesn’t want that??  (Rhetorical question…FYI)

Next post we’ll break down the remaining 3 steps in my 12 Step Strategy for a Body & Mind that just won’t quit!