EE 011: Flex Your “I’ve Got This” Muscle. Then Repeat.

Perseverance is defined as the ability to stick to your goals and pursue them even in the midst of challenges and setbacks.  And in midlife, boy are there some potential setbacks laying in wait.  You may lose all of your assets, you may become physically ill, or you may encounter a million other obstacles on your journey toward success, but you continue to focus on your goal. 

You continue to move forward, even after losing everything, you push on and finally accomplish your goals. This is precisely what having perseverance makes you do and this is a trait that all successful people have in common. They persevere and never take the back seat when they are forced to face a challenge. This is exactly why they succeed, and if you want to succeed in your journey, you will need to build perseverance as well. 

In this episode I share five simple things that you can do to learn about persistence and to build your endurance. 

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