Ee 025 A Bit About Me

EE 025: A Bit About Me, The Person Behind The Words

I’m Samantha Graber, AKA Dr. Sam

I am so happy you found your way to The EXECUpreneur’s EDGE blog.  I wanted to give you a little peek into my world at this point in time. 

I am loving the world of blogging (as well as podcasting) and look forward to growing this body of work to provide you with a unique, holistic perspective that I take full responsibility for and for which I make no apologies.    

My prose is sometimes insightful, often nerdy, and occasionally serious.  I’m just a girl looking to change the world.

A little background on me and how my current focus came about…

I am a serial entrepreneur in the wellness arena. Though that is where I cut my entrepreneurial teeth, the principles I share in this work apply to all arenas of business. Now that I think about it, all aspects of life! 

I was an active clinician for over 25 years.  I have always been drawn to forging my own path.  I love sharing knowledge and helping others on the topics of entrepreneurship, health, and mindset.

I am a passionate person who goes the extra mile and over-delivers as my standard.  That said, I will call you on your BS when warranted.  Yes ma’am.  Yes sir.  My version of tough love leaves the recipient stronger and more resilient.  I follow the “teach a wo/man to fish” adage.  I help clients navigate their own way through my core teachings

I believe that knowledge truly is power.  More specifically, I believe that knowledge is power in reserve, and only becomes powerful once put into action! 

Everyone needs to put in their own work to improve themselves. 

Self-improvement spills over into every facet of life.  From personal to business.  Whether it’s to develop better relationships or to increase profits. And I will go so far to say that until we lead ourselves, we cannot effectively lead others…this goes for our team, our family, our clients and our communities.  This moves self-leadership to the front of the priority line, in my humble opinion.   

Working on one’s self is key.