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EE 036: 3 Deadly Lies Big Pharma, Big Food and Our So-Called “Healthcare System” Don’t Want Exposed to the American Public

Pretty much everything you’ve been told regarding what and how to eat is wrong.  And I’m not talking about minding your manners.

I’m throwing the first pie in this food fight.  Here goes…

Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Medicine (The Big 3) pay BIG MONEY to bury the truth hoping we’ll never fully comprehend the lengths to which they’ve gone to keep us sick and fat!  As you learn to uncover the truth for yourself, you’ll be totally ticked as you come face-to-face with the fact you are a measly pawn in their game of Ca$h Chess!

From the “eat every 2-3 hours” chant to the “fat makes you fat” hysteria.  It’s what we in the biz call a heaping helping of cow dung.  We’ll just say “BS” to be succinct.

Food is BIG business and even BIGGER politics !

The relationship between our food production, our so-called “Healthcare System” and our public policy parallels the kind of inbreeding you hear about in the deep hills of Appalachia.

And without you playing your role as “Anonymous Pawn“, their evil plan is obliterated.

Helping you buck the system is my primary motive in this food fight.  From research bias to statistical manipulations, if you’re not aware of the tactics used to manipulate your biochemistry and your actions, you are walking right onto the chess board.  Blindly.

The people we trust to protect our best interests have completely sold us out.

There is a revolving door between Big Food, Big Pharma, our so-called “Healthcare System” and our governing agencies.  In any other business environment the American public would be screaming, “Boycott these bastards”!!

Yet, we appear to turn a blind eye…or are they just so skilled at the game of chess we cannot see the forest for the trees?

In other words, have they perfected the “Wag the Dog” approach to policy.

I say yes.  Yes they have.

Joe & Jill Q. Public are busily distracted by other rightfully important issues, so much so the big picture is out of focus.

That big picture?

The fact that our health is being eroded at an alarming rate.  The fact that the best kind of consumer is the sick and fat kind…just ill enough to need meds on the regular and just fat enough to be convinced that they need a product to rescue them from a future of uncontrollable plumpness.  And it boils down to what we eat. 

Change what’s on your fork, change your life.

The BIGGEST lie of them all?  The façade that our government and “healthcare” system have our best interest at the center of their attention.

This is the biggest lie EVER perpetrated upon the American Public.

And it is time they are exposed for the lying, cheating, greedy bastards they are.  Our government claims to be our “watchdog, yet they’re actually the lapdog for Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Medicine.  Are you aware that the Food Pyramid and its little bro, “My Plate” were ultimately formulated by lobbyists?  Yep.  Guys and gals in designer suits are wooing our representatives and influencing policy.

And you, Mr. & Ms. Taxpayer, pay them handsomely to do so.

Our current “Healthcare System” is an oxymoron of epic proportion.  The emphasis is on disease management.  Not health.  There is BIG MONEY in keeping Americans fat.  Excess body fat leads to disease.  Period.  And if there is no disease there is no paycheck in it for them.

There’s BIG money in disease management and very little in managing health.  Because there’s nothing to manage when you’re healthy.  No disease, no patients, no money.

The entire Food/Drug/Government threesome is a house of cards constructed with smoke and mirrors.  It is built upon the foundation that we as a nation do not check up on our public officials, nor our governing agencies.  And those in power absolutely love that fact!

They have grown accustomed to this cultural laziness on our part.

The grand architects of this house of cards are Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Medicine, AKA our so-called “Healthcare” System.  They perpetuate the BIGGEST lie of them all and hope we’ll never expose them for the shysters they are.  For when that occurs, the foundation will crumble and each of the meticulously placed cards will tumble.

I plan to do some heavy demo work…keep your hard hat handy my friend.

Why should you care?  What does this mean to you…?

When you become a virtual card-toting member of the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE, you’ll no longer be a pawn in Big 3’s game of Ca$h Chess.  You will be informed.  This makes you a massive threat to Conventional Wisdom.

An informed populace frightens those who have sold us out.

You won’t automatically accept their words as truth.  You’ll be better able to make informed decisions that align with your values.  This is the cornerstone of independence.  And as someone who holds independence as a core value, it is my sole intent to ferret out the truth in all I research and publish.  I’ve been obsessed with nutrition for decades.  Throughout my thousands of hours immersed in one facet of nutrition or another, I thought I was studying fact.  Was I ever wrong.  With the ability to do more in the way of background checking, I can now dive deeper into the funding sources and history of said “researchers”.

“The Big 3” sold us out decades ago.

In cahoots with soulless politicians, we’ve had price tags permanently affixed to our ears, like cattle.  For we are just that, a commodity.  We are traded for dollars 24/7 and may as well have a category on the Futures Exchange.

The 3 Lies outed in my blog posts (links below) have been repeated so many times that they are accepted as fact.  Another term is “Conventional Wisdom”, defined as “the generally accepted belief, opinion, judgment, or prediction about a particular matter”.

There’s NO fact in Conventional Wisdom.

The trouble with this reality, is NONE of these commonly held “beliefs” are based upon science.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  In fact they’re all refuted by science.

If we continue down the path of destruction paved with lies and deceit, we will sell out our next generation.  Your children and mine.  You may not be aware of this staggering reality…the children growing up today will live shorter lives than their parents because they will be sicker and fatter than at any other time in history!   Let that sink in for a moment…this should be the lead story on every news outlet, every night!Sadly this will never happen.  For the sicker and fatter we are as a nation, the more food and drugs we buy.  And the more ad space media outlets sell.  In 2016, Big Pharma spent a staggering $5.6 BILLION on DTC (direct-to-consumer) advertising.  That doesn’t even touch the amount spent wooing Big Medicine.

When was the last time you watched a 30-minute show and did NOT see a drug ad?  Try 1989.

We.  Are.  Dollar.  Signs.

And this fact should totally tick you off!!

Not only are these 3 Bold-faced lies untrue, destructive and deadly, they are refuted by real science.  Despite mountains of evidence published against them, these 3 lies get regular play in all media outlets.  Even when exposed as lies, the information is quickly subdued…then back to your regularly scheduled program, sponsored by “Insert Big Pharma/Big Food Company and tagline here”.

Cue the smoke boys.

Angle those mirrors just right so we get the full effect!

The BIG THREE don’t want you to know the reality behind these lies…for when you do you’ll be free from their C.R.A.P. food and their pills, powders and potions.  For the rest of your life.

LIE #1:  “Eating fat makes you fat.”


  • Arm yourself with knowledge so the next time you watch a “health” show or read any mainstream “health” article you will know how fats work in your favor, not to your detriment.
  • See how it is actually sugar, not fat that makes you pack on fat.
  • Find out which fats to eat and which fats to avoid.  HINT:  the good ones are not refined, bleached nor are they deodorized, better known as RBD.  This is an industry term, look it up…don’t just take my word for it.
  • and MUCH, MUCH more in the full exposé!  Read it here

LIE #2:  “Cholesterol is your enemy.” 


  • Learn what cholesterol does in the body and how it protects you.
  • Follow along as I trace the lie all the way back to the beginning and learn why nobody bothered correcting the original lie.
  • See how cholesterol is just doing its job and has been publicly tried, deemed guilty, and executed with incompetent representation.
  • You do not have a statin deficiency, nor any other drug deficiency for that matter.  Learn why you should avoid statins at all costs and how to use food to help your body produce the more beneficial kinds of cholesterol.
  • …you won’t believe what I’m going to tell you.  And you shouldn’t just take my word for it.  I’ll show you the original sources.  I always follow the money trail !!  Read the admittedly rather long post here.

LIE #3:  You MUST eat every 2-3 hours or you’ll go into “starvation mode”.


  • Learn the basics of how our body uses food for fuel.
  • Learn how our government officials have sold us out when it comes to protecting our food supply.
  • There is no such thing as “starvation mode” for the modern American…we have too much food in fact!!  I translate the chemistry behind this common misconception.
  • Find out what acts as a “signal jammer” in the body and how you can break that pattern with a few simple changes.
  • all of this and so much more in the full exposé!  Read it here.

These 3 Lies are just a few examples of what to expect from me.

Much of what I write will resonate with you.  Some of it will shock you, until you accept the fact that you’ve been sold out by those you’ve trusted…it’s okay to want to reject that fact.  It took me years to realize that even I was wearing blinders.  And I don’t trust most people in general…let alone the Government/Corporate Complex.

I’ve sharpened my BS-detecting skills.

I’ve met some powerful allies on my quest to ferret out the truth as it relates to how food influences our health.  In turn developing a network of others who are experts in just about every field that relates to food-based nutrition.  Every week you’ll receive insight from myself and other industry experts right in your inbox.

If you’re over-fat and/or under-healthy, you can regain your vitality and never lose it again!

As a virtual card-toting member of the ROXOlutionyou will be in the know.  When you are armed with correct information, you are at an advantage.  This advantage will help you slash through the web of lies that are thrown at you from all directions by Big Food, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine, AKA our so-called “Healthcare System”.