Ee 058 Socrates Said

EE 058: Socrates Said Some Simple Yet Profound Things In His Day…This One Applies To Business Too.

I agree with Socrates on many a thing.  One with which I strongly align is his philosophy that “the unexamined life is not worth living”.  I’m in 100% alignment there.

Let’s apply that to business.

I propose to you that the business that is not continually examined and re-examined on every measurable level, is a business not worth owning.  I am channeling my inner Jay Abraham with this one.  I listen to him often.  The man is a marketing and mindset genius.  If you don’t know him, you simply must look him up!  Back to this concept of the unexamined business

Anyone who has been in the business world for longer than 17 minutes knows there are numbers to track on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.  Add to that hourly, and we’re gathering tons of information at every step of the process.  And what for? To make pretty reports and show off our PowerPoint skills? (I’d venture to guess there’s some of both at times.)

Reports and slides aside, there is one glaring void in the numbers we pore over…that void lies squarely in the personal camp. 

What am I doing all of “this” for?  Why am I in “this” business?  Is “this” business really what I want to be dedicating my life to? And if not, what do I need to change to make it so?  

This is where the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE comes in.  

I created the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE to assist entrepreneurs and corporate executives in the process of working on themselves to get what they want out of their business . This “want” transcends profits, shares, accolades, notoriety, and all other external measurements of success. Though we put the lion’s share of emphasis on these aspects.

This “want” lies at the core of the person with whom I work. This “want” resides in their DNA. Together, we dig deep to determine the best way for this person to live their best life while having a business through which they find purpose and joy. No longer confusing what they do for a living with their reason for being alive.

This is a major distinction and one worth pursuing. Find yours through adopting the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE. Reach out any time to start the conversation… I will personally answer your email.

If you’re spinning your wheels or just going through the motions in life and business, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain! Email me now ( ) …I’ll get back to you ASAP.