Episode 061: It’s Time To End The “Weight Loss” Quest. It’s Not About Your Weight Anyway.

You have more important things to be focused on than your love/hate relationship with your bathroom scale. Wouldn’t you agree?

You’re up to big things in this world and wasting time engaged in a war with your weight is not one of them!

The conversation around “weight loss” is not really about weight. Weight is just a measurement of how our body relates to gravity at that moment in time. That shows up as a number on a device. A device that has no business being on anyone’s bathroom floor, in my opinion.

We make that number mean something. We make it not just the objective measurement of weight, but we make it a subjective measurement of our worth in some way.

The higher the number on the scale, the lower we think of ourselves. Let’s just say it like it is, shall we?

We engage in this personal battle “with our weight” because that’s what we’ve been brainwashed to think matters.

I don’t give a rip what you weigh. I don’t give a rip what I weigh. I care what we’re made of.

A few years back I introduced a program called the 12 Week Metabolism Reset. At that point in time it was focused for anyone with human DNA.

I’ve now dialed it in specifically for women.

I show you how to coordinate your metabolism with your female sex hormone cycle. From about our late 30s on, there are so many things that can hijack that cycle. Our female hormone cycle is greatly influenced by a metabolic machinery that runs everything. And most of that ties back to our cells and their relationship with insulin and cortisol.

I know, I know…here I go again talking about insulin and cortisol. [I see that eye-roll!]

I talk about this dynamic duo because they are the drivers of this whole conversation and when we work with them, we have harmony. When we try to pull something over on them, they quickly figure out that we’re up to no metabolic good and they put us in our place. Swiftly and forcefully.

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how you can get the last word in when it comes to ending the “weight loss” conversation, for good.

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