Episode 005: Taking Out The Metabolic Trash

This is Part 2 in the 5-part series, “Demystifying the Metabolism… why it ‘slows down’ in midlife and what you can do about it. (No ‘Detox in a Box’ required.)”

In this episode, I cover the first thing you must do to jumpstart your very own metabolism upgrade. There are 4 moving parts to Step #1: when done in tandem, you’ll maximize your efforts. No wasting time on fluff. This is a substance-only zone. Step One is all about cleaning up our internal environment. In other words, “Taking Out The Metabolic Trash”.

This is how you start to heal the cells. It’s a process, it’s a lengthy process. It is NOT an overnight thing by any stretch of the imagination. And you cannot substitute any of these steps with a detox program that you buy from your neighbor. Just as toxins accumulate causing a negative, their removal adds up to create a positive effect on the overall system that is YOU/HQ.

When your cells are healing and that tipping point starts to correct itself, your body is now free to switch it’s fuel in order to burn that fat instead of using it as a toxic waste dump. When you go low enough on the sugar/carb continuum, you force your metabolic engine to burn fat in lieu of the sugars/carbs that were once so readily available. It’s a brilliant biohack. Your body is designed to burn fat. In fact, it wants to burn fat. But as stated earlier, your body has to be able to release that fat because it no longer needs to cling to it as a buffer between life and death stuff (your brain, heart, lungs…) and the amassing toxic waste dump.

This is why Step #1 is #1…if you don’t clean up the environment you cannot truly rebuild your metabolism. There are 4 Steps to this process. We tackle Step 1in this episode focused on cleaning up the cell’s environment. Listen to the entire 5-part series to maximize your ability to “Demystifying the Metabolism… why it ‘slows down’ in midlife and what you can do about it. (No ‘Detox in a Box’ required.)”

Here’s the app to check the “cleanliness” of your beauty products:  https://www.ewg.org/apps/

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