Episode 006: Behind The Metabolic Curtain This Gal Calls the Shots

Welcome back for episode 3 in my 5-part podcast series on “Demystifying The #Metabolism …Why It Slows Down In Midlife And What You Can Do About It.”

In this episode I pull back the metabolic curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at a teensy, tiny powerhouse that lives inside of you. She is nicknamed “The Powerhouse” for she is the epicenter of all things energy. And I’m bringing her front and center so you are sure to have her on your mental map. Listen for the 3 things you need to provide her so she can do her thang and do it well!

If you missed episode #2, Taking Out The Metabolic Trash, be sure to check that out. In it, I introduced you to 4 things you could do to clean up your internal environment so your cells can do their job and start burning fat instead of storing it.

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