Episode 008: Demystifying Your Metabolism. Why It ‘Slows Down’ In Midlife And What You Can Do About It.

Welcome back for the 5th and final episode in the Demystifying The Midlife Metabolism Podcast series. In this episode, I’ll share My Top 10 Midlife Metabolism Makeover Tips Letterman-Style no less.

If you’ve not caught all of the episodes, be sure to do so ASAP…their links are below.

Let me save you the frustration of bouncing from “diet” to “diet”.  They’re all one variation of the same. Dieting is not the answer.  Healing your metabolism is.

Implement my Top 10 Midlife Metabolism Makeover Tips to prime your metabolic pump for transitioning into nutritional ketosis and healing your metabolism at a cellular level.

Devise a plan for implementing all 10 tips over the next few days. Don’t overthink it…embody the Nike Spirit and Just Do It!

If you’d like a visual of these Top 10 Midlife Metabolism Makeover Tips, let me know through this link:  Top 10 Midlife Metabolism Makeover Tips PDF.  My online minions will send it to you in a jiffy!

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