Episode 010: “You MUST Eat Every 2-3 Hours Or You’ll Go Into Starvation Mode”…and Other BS You’ve Been Force-Fed

Ahhh…the Holy Grail of fitness experts and obesity profiteers alike.

We’ve all heard Conventional Wisdom’s reasoning behind the “eat every 2-3 hours” chant. “It will stoke your metabolic fire.” “You’ll have more energy.” And my favorite, “You’ll burn more calories”. Sorry to say, they’re all wrong.

Truth is, whether frequent or all at once, the body burns the same amount of energy (thermic effect of food or TEF) when digesting food. It accounts for about 10% of the total calories, on average. Whether you eat three 500 calorie meals and two 250 calorie snacks or one 2000 calorie meal per day, your body burns the same amount of energy as a result. Maybe you’ve been told that you’ll be less hungry if you have more frequent feedings. Unchecked, this makes sense. You know, “stoke the metabolic fire”.

This is simply not true.

Find out what IS true in this episode of the Unraveling Together Podcast.

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