Episode 012: Slowly Drowning In A Sea Of “Not Okay-ness”

The deeper questions of life are rarely asked outside our own head. We choke down the feelings, often aided by a glass (or several) of wine before we hit the sack to try to sleep, yet again. All so we can get up the next day and “try” to answer the deeper questions we ask of ourselves, yet again.

Now if you’re anything like the majority of us who ask the deeper questions of ourselves, you know that alone in your head is a scary place to look for answers.

The people who identify me as “their person” are women in midlife. My words resonate with those who have hit their 40s-plus and are asking themselves these deeper questions.

One such question…“Is this it?” This 3-word question gets asked of just about every facet of their life.

The specifics one can ask this question of go on and on. The thread that weaves them all together is that there comes this point in life when we realize we are not okay with how things are.

This “not okay-ness” can be surface level or it can be fathoms deep.

Let’s explore this topic together in this deep-diving episode of The Unraveling Together Podcast.