Episode 013: Are You in the (E) Camp or the (F) Camp?

Your body has a built-in fuel gauge* much like the one in your car.  Instead of simply noting how much fuel is in the tank, the body’s fuel gauge determines whether we burn our food for energy or store it as fat.

Insulin points the needle toward (E)mpty AKA “Energy” or (F)ull AKA “Fat”.

If our fuel gauge points toward (E), we burn what we eat for fuel.  When it points toward (F), we store it for later.  Those of us who are more (F) inclined feel jilted by our lot in the genetic lottery of life and envy these (E) folk.

I wouldn’t deliver this ‘less than stellar’ news without bringing along some good news.

Whether you are an (F) or an (E) camper, your “fix” remains the same.  And it has better results than any pill Big Pharma could ever even dream of patenting.

Your one and only true “fix” is food.  

What (and when) you eat is the be-all and end-all when it comes to insulin.  Anything that increases insulin will make you store more than burn.  Anything that decreases insulin will make your burn more than store.  You can literally transform your body, mind and life with your fork & knife.  Any fork & knife will do.  

Learn how to get your built-in fuel gauge pointed back in the (E) direction in this episode of the Unraveling Together Podcast. 

*Original fuel gauge concept from Gary Taube’s book “Why We Get Fat…And What To Do About It”.  Highly recommend the read.