Episode 016: How Mindfulness Tames The Drunken Monkey. Who Invited That Gal To The Party Anyway?

Making the decision is the easy part. No matter the subject at hand, deciding to do, or not do takes but a moment. It’s the follow through that brings along the difficulty, the resistance…and that furry little bugger that lives in our mind who has the attention span of…well.., a drunken monkey.

This little guy or gal can run amuck, steal the show, and tank our goals faster than a toddler hopped up on Mom’s coveted pumpkin spice latte. In short, s/he can take you off course in an instant.

By practicing mindfulness, you can improve every facet of your business as well as your life, while staying on track with your goals.

In this episode I’ll share my thoughts on mindfulness, how I practice it day-to-day and give you some simple “how-tos” to start your own mindfulness habit, or add to your current practice.

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