Episode 018: How To Channel Your Inner Rebel

My Inner Rebel has never been a challenge to summon.  We’re thick as thieves and have roused many rebellions in our 50 years together.  

One super cool addition that has come on scene in the past few years is her sidekick…”I Don’t Give A *BLEEP* ” (IDGA*BLEEP*).  Now in some circles the *BLEEP* stands for “F” which I’m sure you can deduce stands for the four-letter word that causes some to tune out the message, so I won’t use it.  I’ll stick to the *BLEEP* and let you complete the acronym in whatever way you see fit.  For me, it is most definitely a resounding capital-F!  

My inner rebel and her IDGA*BLEEP* sidekick have been in full swing as of late.  Their target: the ageism that taints the lives and sucks the joy out of so many women as they accumulate the wisdom that only age brings.  

In this episode I share how I gave up the bottle after an epiphany in November 2019.  Since that fated day, I’ve not looked back once.  Consider this one of the better choices I’ve made to date!

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