Episode 019: Curiosity May Have Killed The Cat, But It Will Breathe Life Into You!

In this episode of the Unraveling Together Podcast, we are unpacking the concept of curiosity.  Because “Curiosity May Have Killed The Cat”, but it will breathe life into you!.  

And I’m not talking about  just the “hmmm, I wonder how that works” level of curiosity mind you.  We’re talking channel your inner 3 year old stalking ants carrying loads 20 times their size-level of curiosity. 

When contrasted to passion, curiosity comes out on top every time.  We dive into perfectionism a little too.  She has a way of crashing many a party and needs a good calling out here and there.  

It all boils down to this…when what you “do” for a living aligns with your reason for being alive, you are in your genius zone my friend!

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