Episode 025: How Success Favors A Tootsie Pop

I know this is weird, but I was thinking recently about how success is like a Tootsie Pop. I know, “Weirdo”, but hear me out. (And FYI, I take “weirdo” as a compliment!)

In this episode I share my thoughts on resilience and how you can use it to cultivate a growth mindset.

I just wrapped up a beta testing cycle for a mini-course on resilience and I am savoring some major breakthroughs. The course is called “Building Your Resilience In Midlife: How To Bounce Back From Anything Life Throws At You. Yes, ANYTHING!”

It is a bonus for joining my newly launched membership & community, Unraveling Together. (Check that out at https://www.drsamgraber.com/UnravelingTogether.)

In it, I walk you through the process of coming out the other side of adversity, not only intact, but stronger than before.

Failure is the best teacher we’ve got going for us. Failure is something everyone has access to and is guaranteed to experience. Yes, even the kids whose parents bubble wrap them. (I feel sorry for those kids, don’t you?)

The remedy that sends the fear of failure packing is resilience.

Although it can be difficult, changing your mindset around failure will make you more resilient. Use failure as an opportunity for growth. If you focus on how you can grow each time you fail, pervasive negative thoughts will be replaced with opportunistic ones.

Keep this in mind: resilience is rooted in growth. Growth leads to success.

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