Episode 026: Perimenopause And Powerpoints

**Cue the red face, neck and chest.  Sh*t.  Here comes the sweat.**  

This is a moment many women in perimenopause experience on the daily. Some women?  They have hot flushes all day, every day.  To say it is ”inconvenient” is the understatement of all understatements. 

In this episode, I share a glimpse of what the women in your life may be experiencing as they navigate perimenopause.  

Now they don’t need your sympathy, that isn’t what this call-to-action is about.  This is a call for you to level up your compassion if you are lucky to be in the midst of a woman who is in this most powerful point of her evolution.  She is mounting a metamorphosis.    

She doesn’t have a disease, she’s experiencing perimenopause.  A natural stage in the physical, mental and emotional evolution of a woman.  We’ve been going through it since the dawn of time.  It’s only now that we’re talking more about it.  

This conversation has a place in every room you find women.  In the boardroom and the bedroom.  Different conversations, mind you, but conversations to be had nonetheless.

Listen with an open mind and open heart.  

If you’re a woman navigating perimenopause or wonder if you are, consider this an open invitation to join us as my guest.  The Unraveling Together community is the place for rebellious midlife women to get vetted information about what is happening to them and unfolding for them in perimenopause.  

Learn more here:  https://www.drsamgraber.com/UnravelingTogether