Episode 028: Eat Meat To Lower Your Stress

“Eating Meat Can Lower My Stress?”

I can hear you now…and yes it does. In this short podcast episode I’ll share with you how.

When working per design you’d be hard-pressed to find a more efficient system than the human digestive system. Digestive issues arise when we are seduced into eating Frankenfood. “Food” that is created in a lab or a factory instead of Mother Nature’s Great Outdoors.

Listen out for the type of meat I recommend when eating what’s best for humans, animals and the land we inhabit. HINT: it is not what’s found on the shelves of most major grocery stores.

I love conversations based upon what I feel truly is best for people, planet…and not too shabby for the company’s profit margin either. If you want to talk shop and geek out about all things regenerative food, subscribe to this podcast.  

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