Episode 029: “Lose Weight”. Another Phrase To Retire In 2022.

Women are beautiful in every shape and size.  And while I’m saying so, I want to go on record with this, “as women, our worth is not tied to our size, nor our gravitational pull.”  That is just a fact in my book.

That is but one reason why the phrase “lose weight” has got to go!

Buh-bye now.

In this episode I share a more concrete reason as to why it’s not about losing weight and what it is a matter of losing.

One thing I encourage you to do is the following, but first I want to ensure you know I speak from a place of 💜 love…

“Please love yourself at all sizes.  But do not conflate nor confuse that self-love with healthy.  We can be metabolically healthy in many shapes and sizes…until we are not.” © 2022 Dr. Sam GraberPowered by Kajabi