Episode 030: Make Peace, Not War. With Your Body That Is.

You’ll often hear me say, “the better you understand your body, the better you can care for it.” There’s a lot of truth to it.

Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Ag…heck, all the “Bigs” bank on the fact that you don’t understand how your body works let alone the influence your food choices have on the inner workings of you.

You’re not alone in the “not quite clear” category of understanding. Fact is that most people don’t know how their body works, resulting in their having more of a “Me versus It” viewpoint which injects one into a lose-lose tug-of-war that lasts a lifetime. And creates an epic level of fallout along the way.

More often than not, people think it is an “either / or” conversation when in fact it is a “both / and” one.

If you want to level-up not only your understanding of how your body works, but you want to start making choices more aligned with those that are good for humanity and our planet, plug into my ecosystem.

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