Episode 033: How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally In Perimenopause

Society’s messaging to seasoned women is that it’s all downhill from here and we should just take up as little space as possible. Our time has come, and it has gone.

Excuse me!?! I think not. And in the spirit of keeping this PG…to them, I say, “Go pound sand!”

If you’re a woman in your mid-30s and beyond, this is a conversation you want to plug into. You can do that in a couple of ways. One is by subscribing to this podcast. Through my growing episode library, I will be sharing what I like to call “UNconventional Wisdom”. I highlight the UNconventional because the work I do and the way I view life are anything but conventional in nature.

I follow the principles of Nature and for far too long, her ways have been hijacked by well-manicured people in suits when we should have been listening to those in overalls with soil under their fingernails.

If you are struggling with changes midlife brings with it, I want you to know that I hear you and you do not have to live at the mercy of your hormones. You can optimize them by implementing the KNOW >> FEEL >> DO Methodology. In this episode, I delve into the hormonal shifts we experience during perimenopause and discuss how our mindset towards our ever-changing hormonal landscape makes a significant difference in what we experience.

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I look forward to helping you navigate this most misunderstood and over-dramatized time of transformation. It isn’t as complicated as you’re led to believe. And as with most things holistic, the simplicity is often overlooked.

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