Episode 034: When Your “Let’s Get It On” Gets Up And Goes

Are you the kind of woman who likes to prepare for what she can, or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

I only ask because this whole “menopause is an inevitable hell, so suck it up, plaster a plumped up smile on your face, and get back in there to juggle the umpteen million things you do on a daily basis for which you get no atta girl” narrative is not how it has to be.

Menopause is designed into our human experience with purpose.

Just as in puberty, in menopause our hormones make a predictable tempo shift. The kicker on the tail end of the estrogenic haze is that there are other major factors at work and we have unfinished business reminding us of all the “should haves” and “could haves” we left in our wake.

When our “Let’s Get It On” gets up and goes, we have a choice to make. Watch and wait (or as I call it “Hope And Pray”) or go into it prepared, or at a minimum with tools and guidance from others who’ve traveled the long and winding road before us.

Since life is not a spectator sport, nor is peri/menopause, I say we go into it eyes-wide-open, strategies in place, and support by our side.

In this episode, I “go there”. Nothing is off the table, nor should it be. Menopause is an opportunity for us to clear the slate, take up our lives FOR ourselves, and to add our well-earned wisdom to the conversations that need women’s voices and perspective more now than ever.

If you find yourself offended by a woman talking about sex, libido, erotica, pornography, relationships… may want to scroll on, my thin-skinned friend.

But if you’re open in mind to perspectives from a woman who is sharing from lived experience, both hers and others who’ve confided in her their deepest-darkests, sit a spell and listen.

I have to say, writing this has been rather therapeutic. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

Though I’ve not reached my Pause Day, I’m embracing her wing-woman, “I don’t give a f*ck” (IDGAF). I’m talking about the things we just don’t talk about yet are in desperate need of a space in which we can do so. I will hold that space for us here and anywhere you find me.

As noted herein, menopause is the great reckoning, fueling our wing-woman’s IDGAF attitude. When done well, it is liberating. When done poorly, it is dangerous. I think I’m walking that line between liberating and dangerous rather well…most days.

Read on and add to the conversation by commenting with your feedback. You can start with your scale of 1 (liberating) to 10 (dangerous) rating on how I did today…💜