Episode 036: Diets Don’t Work. Do This Instead.

Have you ever gone on a diet? I have. And I don’t recommend it. Avoid those things like the plague.

Being on a diet sucks all the joy out of life, doesn’t it?

I’m not a betting woman, but if I were, I’d put money on the fact that you have tried to lose weight by cutting calories, choking down some chalky meal replacement shake or bar, taking something to decrease your appetite and/or doing long stints of cardio. Most of us have by the time we hit midlife.

Our collective strategy for losing weight (which I will argue is not the result to focus on) is off-base, much like everything conventional wisdom proselytizes from the Diet Dogma Pulpit. The only ones making out in the Diet World are the obesity profiteers.

What’s an obesity profiteer? Anyone who makes the lion’s share of their money keeping you on the diet-go-round. Think powder, potion. patch, and procedure peddlers, supplement slingers and most gyms (not all).  Whether this person has a degree or they are a self-proclaimed expert or *gulp* coach doesn’t matter. If they get the majority of their income from regurgitating the diet dogma status quo which keeps you spinning on that diet-go-round, they are an obesity profiteer.

In this week’s LinkedIn newsletter, I’m sharing some UNconventional Wisdom to combat the horse-pucky conventional wisdom’s front men and women have spewed at us for more than long enough. Time to take the mic from their greedy grip.

***Check One Two, One Two.***

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