Episode 050: The Menopausal Monkey Mind. And How To Keep Her Focused.

Our monkey mind is another term for our perpetual thoughts.  Think of it as the chattering monkey of our internal monologue. 

This constant chattering is the thought trail that plays in the background of our daily life. 

When our monkey mind is left to her own devices, she takes our focused mind on a detour as she swings from limb to limb through the thought trees in our heads.  

If you’re a woman in the throes of perimenopause, the constant flux of your hormonal symphony adds velocity to the swing.  As estrogen rises and falls, and progesterone is on her tapered decline, these swings happen faster and more abruptly. 

In this episode we explore two ways in which mindfulness can help us during menopause and I share with you a quick exercise to help you get started.  

You can grab a free resource to get you started on your mindfulness journey HERE.    

Mindfulness helps release tension, in turn relieving anxiety related to the symptoms that accompany menopause.  It also engages and focuses your mind while it increases body awareness.  A double dose of goodness for the menopausal mind if you ask me…and any other perimenopausal woman out there.  

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