Episode 049: I’ve Done Everything Right! Why Do I Feel So Empty Inside?

There comes a point in life when many of us feel a gnawing emptiness inside.

It’s not the “lack of something” kind of empty, it’s the type of emptiness that takes up all the available space until it can no longer be ignored. And when it is ignored, it manifests as anger and anxiety, and ultimately illness and disease

This emptiness isn’t “nothing”. It is everything, and then some.

Seems for many, this manifestation comes during the midlife point in our lives. It sure did for me!  

If this sounds familiar, it is time to uncover what your heart’s heart is trying to tell you.

In this episode, I share with you how I uncovered more about myself through the Enneagram than I had in countless other “personal development” tools I’d paid big money for over the decades. 

Here are the links to the resources I mentioned in the episode:    

Learn more about the Unraveling Together Community >> https://www.unravelingtogether.com/

Grab the free Enneagram resource >> https://drsamgraber.com/freebie/discover-your-enneagram-type-in-4-simple-steps/