Episode 046: Is It A Midlife Crisis Or A Midlife Unraveling?

When you hear the term “midlife crisis”, what comes to mind?  

Some middle-aged guy in a fast car with a hot young (and fast) babe next to him? Same…until I read a May 2018 blog post by Brené Brown. It changed everything for me.

The two previous years were tumultous to say the least. I was blindsided by the changes my body and brain were going through. When compounded by the emotional rollercoaster I was on, I was knocked flat on my keester. I was a hot mess…and suffering. In silence.

That all changed after I read “The Midlife Unraveling” on Brené Brown’s blog. She is why I walk alongside other women on their proactive unraveling journey.

Until we better understand what makes us tick and what makes us a ticking time bomb, we have little hope of true connection with others.

I share more about the path I travelled to get from rock bottom to where I am now. At peace. And feeling more at home in my own skin than I ever have before.

If you find yourself resonating with what I share, look into joining us in the Unraveling Together Community. All women are welcome at our collective table. Details can be found at: https://www.unravelingtogether.com/