Episode 063: Perimenopause And Her 3 Co-Conspirators: Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, And Your Hormones

As a result of my personal experience with perimenopause (peri) and the realization that peri is something we just don’t talk about, I made a shift in my professional focus. 

We need to be talking about perimenopause.

This is a conversation that belongs in every room in which there are women.  From the boardroom to the bedroom.  Different conversations mind you, but conversations that need ample space to breathe.  

No matter your age and where you are on your menopause continuum (pre-, peri-, or postmenopause), you can feel and function better with real food and simple strategies for putting it to work on your behalf. 

I’ve always been a real food advocate and after an on again-off again love affair with ketosis, I realized just how “on” I was when I prioritized metabolic flexibility through nutritional ketosis and intermittent fasting.  

What I didn’t know and therefore neglected to account for was how timing my efforts in concert with my sex hormone shifts could have a profound impact on my perimenopause experience.  

I was also ignorant as to how powerful aligning my thoughts was to the whole experience.  It wasn’t until I went dark that I learned how integral it truly was.

When memories of past traumatic experiences began bubbling back up and eventually took on the force of a geyser, I knew something needed to change, and fast.  The emotions were adding gasoline to the fire already ablaze.

Perimenopause has 3 co-conspirators: our thoughts, our emotions, and our hormones.  They can be allies or bullies…in this week’s Unraveling Together Podcast episode, I share how.  

Our metabolic health and our menopause experience are intimately interconnected. And our thoughts and emotions round out the experience weighting it toward the positive or negative side of life’s ledger with each passing day.  

Incorporating The KNOW ● FEEL ● DO Methodology will help you navigate the waters more smoothly and to better cope with the rapids that pop up along your journey.  

And if you’ve already come out the other side of menopause, attaining metabolic flexibility will bring a whole new level of vitality to you life, for the rest of it.  

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