Episode 066: Perimenopause Brain. It’s Like Pregnancy Brain But Then Again, It’s Not.

A common backseat driver of #perimenopause, and total nuisance, is #brainfog, AKA perimenopause brain.  It’s like pregnancy brain but then again, its not.  

People are much more forgiving toward our forgetfulness, the occasional word loss, and our momentarily scattered selves when there’s a “Baby On Board”. 

When it’s perimenopause brain, those around us can be far less forgiving. Especially for #womenintheworkplace. 

At work, a pregnant woman finds herself in a protected group. Not so much when that same woman transitions into her perimenopause phase of life. She is met, often rather harshly, with the progressive plagues of ageism and sexism. 

Now if she is LGBTQ+, BIPOC, or another layer of non-cis and other than “white”, the ‘ism stack can be crushing to her psyche, wellbeing, and her career.  This is why #menopause is a #DEI issue and one every company should have not only on their radar, but in their policies.

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