Episode 059: “Am I Losing It?” And Other Questions We Ask Ourselves In Perimenopause.

In keeping with the societal script when it comes to experiencing life in a woman’s body, perimenopause is something we just don’t talk about but so desperately need to be talking about as a collective of women.

If you’ve been in my ecosystem for longer than a day or two you know that I am changing that dire situation.  With fervor no less.

We need to be talking about perimenopause, and transparently at that.  

Perimenopause is not only a “hormone thing”, she is an “everything” thing.

Perimenopause is the nexus of everything we’ve been through, the unspoken regrets we turn a blind eye to, as well as the time when all the emotions we bury deep decide to gang up on us.  In turn unleashing themselves in a wrath to which we can either attempt to “power through” or allow ourselves to “lean into”.

I entered the perimenopausal waters in my mid-40s. I’m not sure when exactly, for peri is more an “ohhh, that’s what was going on” kind of thing than the “I know exactly what’s happening” kind of thing.

She’s elusive until you acknowledge her presence. ‘Tis then when the murkiness clears.

Every woman will experience perimenopause. There’s no opting out no matter who you are and how important you may think what you’ve got going on is.

In our CoWorking Community, we join together support one another in doing our inner work.  We aim to take full advantage of the powerful built-in transistion of perimenopause. 

We’d love to have you with us!  You can learn more about us at https://www.unravelingtogether.com/