Episode 070: Silently Slipping Into A Deafening Internal Echo Chamber

Allow me to paint the scene for you…in it, there sits a woman.  She could be anyone you know.  

To the outer world, she is strong and centered. 

She is the one everyone else turns to in times of trouble. All the while, she sits at rock bottom. Where she slips silently into a deafening internal echo chamber. 

You may know her.  You may even be her. 

I was. 

Back in 2017, I found myself in a really dark place.  Alone with my thoughts that were anything but kind. 

If you’re a midlife woman experiencing what feels like a mutiny within, sit a spell.  I have something to share, heart-to-heart.  

I am committed to being “a brave space” for myself as well as others. 

Unlike “a safe space”, a brave space is where we embrace our deepest darkest as our true selves, flaws and all.  

If you’re new to me, I’m Samantha “Dr. Sam” Graber.  

I’m an author, podcast host, keynote speaker, and a Holistic Perimenopause Strategist for women who are ready to stop sacrificing their health and wellbeing as they relentlessly pursue success.  

I advise forward-thinking organizations on wellbeing and menopause related policy creation, and provide their workforce with online resources as well as small group coaching.  

The organizations I choose to work with are ready to up their level of support for the women in their ecosystem. From the private sector to the publicly-funded, as well as nonprofits, these entities value the collective wisdom of women. And they want to retain the leadership and talent lost all too often because women lack the resources needed to optimize their wellbeing. Therefore, they are left with no other choice than to seek support elsewhere.

I help organizations empower women, by choice.

After a multi-decade career as a holistic chiropractor, I’ve orchestrated my own transformation from burnt out doc to impassioned community curator.  

The Unraveling Together #Community is where #midlifewomen connect and pursue a more holistic approach to our changing bodies and minds.  We focus on our #wellbeing, our #metabolism, and our #menopause experience during as well as after we hit that magical milestone. Through masterclasses and co-working sessions, we cultivate more meaning in our individual lives while tapping into the collective wisdom of women.

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