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The Execupreneur's Edge

Hosted by: Samantha Graber

Unraveling Together is a podcast for women who opt out of the narrative that our best years are behind us and that we are now relegated to the back burner of society. We know our best is before us.

The Unraveling Together Podcast is where we are free to talk about the things "we just don't talk about". Sharing wisdom with those who come after us is a crucial aspect of our personal growth.

Ee 046 Your Beliefs

EE 046: Your Beliefs Shape Your Life. Choose Wisely.


Most people I speak with think their beliefs are like their wardrobe. They’re basically stuck with what they’ve got.  Every day they simply walk up to their closet, sift through what’s there, pick something out, wear it, and move on to the next set of clothes the next day. Rinse. Repeat. If that’s your attitude when it comes to your beliefs, it’s…

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Ee 045 Breakfast Is (not)

EE 045: Breakfast Is (Not) the Most Important Meal of the Day…Here’s Why (Not)


Conventional Wisdom would have you believe that skipping breakfast leads to excessive hunger, cravings and weight gain.  And if those aren’t bad enough, there is claim that skipping breakfast can cause your body to break down muscle for energy.  Remember the asinine notion of “starvation mode”?  (Click to read my blog post on ”Starvation Mode”.) There is no science to…

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Ee 044 3 Steps To Build

EE 044: 3 Steps to Build Your Perseverance for Business Success


One of the critical components of success is perseverance. Without an ability to keep moving forward when faced with challenges and setbacks, you can’t expect to find success as an EXECUpreneur. Perseverance is what allows you to overcome difficulties and failures and can make all the difference in the world on your EXECUpreneurial journey. As with any of the other EXECUpreneurial traits, you can build your…

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Ee 043 Overcoming Your Fear

EE 043: Overcoming Your Fear of Failure… EXECUpreneur Style


Fear of failure is common for obvious reasons. People want success and yet only those who are brave enough to confront this type of fear are the ones able to rise above their fears and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. For those who were overcome by this fear, then they are prevented from realizing their potential. The most destructive element entailed with the fear of failure…

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Ee 041 5 Time Management Tips

EE 041: 5 Time Management Tips for EXECUpreneurial Success


To be a successful EXECUpreneur, it is essential that you are able to manage your time to accomplish as many tasks as you can throughout your day. While you may have tried various methods for planning, organizing, and scheduling your time in the past, you still feel like you can’t get everything done. This is because many of the tactics you’re…

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Ee 040 Making Mistakes

EE 040: Making Mistakes is Better than Faking Perfections


Mistakes are one of the most frustrating parts of life. They remind us at some of the most inconvenient moments that we are human.  That said, they force us to learn the hard lessons. While mistakes are irritating and sometimes difficult to get over, they’re unavoidable in life. The important thing to remember is that the mistake doesn’t matter nearly as much as how we…

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Episode 038: If Your A1c Is O.M.G., Do These 3 Things.


I'm curious...how often do you have your Hemoglobin A1c tested? Once yearly? Twice? Never?? (Oh my, let's rectify that situation STAT!) I'm sure you've had the pleasure of sitting in your doc's office while they rattle offa list of acronyms that would make the cast of Sesame Street beam with pride.

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Ee 038 How To Nurture

EE 038: How to Nurture Your EXECUpreneurial Spirit


If you are continually looking at the world around you and seeing it the way you want it to be, rather than how it is, this is your EXECUpreneurial Spirit waiting to be unleashed. This is because at the core of the EXECUpreneurial Spirit is the ability to wonder what’s possible. The EXECUpreneurial Spirit is usually boiled down…

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Ee 037 Making The Shift

EE 037: Making the Shift From Employee to Boss…Your Boss, Yikes!!


Running your own business takes leadership. And just face facts now, you are your own boss and you’re a terrible employee.  I mean it.  I’ve wanted to fire myself many a time…but who would take out the trash when my booty is collecting unemployment?  (That’s another joke, you cannot claim unemployment through your own company.  Uncle Sam frowns on that, big time.) For many new entrepreneurs…

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Ee 036 3 Deadly Lies Big Pharma.opng

EE 036: 3 Deadly Lies Big Pharma, Big Food and Our So-Called “Healthcare System” Don’t Want Exposed to the American Public


Pretty much everything you’ve been told regarding what and how to eat is wrong.  And I’m not talking about minding your manners. I’m throwing the first pie in this food fight.  Here goes… Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Medicine (The Big 3) pay BIG MONEY to bury the truth hoping we’ll never fully comprehend the lengths to which they’ve…

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