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The Execupreneur's Edge

Hosted by: Samantha Graber

Unraveling Together is a podcast for women who opt out of the narrative that our best years are behind us and that we are now relegated to the back burner of society. We know our best is before us.

The Unraveling Together Podcast is where we are free to talk about the things "we just don't talk about". Sharing wisdom with those who come after us is a crucial aspect of our personal growth.

Ee 035 3 Powerful Ways

EE 035: 3 Powerful Ways to Develop Your Grit & 3 Steps to Build Your Perseverance for Business Success


According to psychologists, grit is the ability to commit to long-term goals and see them through despite the adversity we may face along the road to accomplishing our goals. It is tenacity, perseverance, and a meld of other qualities like optimism, self-motivation, and self-discipline. When it comes to becoming successful, grit is more important than intelligence or talent. Everyone can embody grit….

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Ee 034 Harnessing The Power

EE 034: Harnessing the Power of Self-Discipli…Oooh Shiny!!


There are many successful people who tout self-discipline as the key to success.  Whether the success is derived from home life, or professional achievement; self-discipline seems to be the cornerstone of success. What does it take to have the levels of self-discipline necessary in order to become successful? Identify weaknesses Above all, we need to know our weaknesses.  The real ones, not…

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Ee 032 Are You Built

EE 032: Are You Built for EXECUpreneurial Success?


I am asked on the regular, “Do you think I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” Short answer is an emphatic ”Yes”.  The fact you are even asking that question is the key to flirting with entrepreneurial success.  Bottom line is that you must be willing to assess, critique and forgive yourself to have the best shot at becoming…

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Ee 030 Cholesterol Is Your Enemy

EE 030: “Cholesterol Is Your Enemy”…And Other Nutritional Nonsense You Should Ignore


The First E in the EXECUpreneur’s EDGE acronym is for Energy.  Because without boundless energy you are practicing hope-and-pray success.  And that is something successful EXECUpreneurs do not do.   Successful EXECUpreneurs seek guidance from those who have their best interest in mind, not the best interests of stockholders.  They also know that their mental, emotional…

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Ee 029 Got The Chops

EE 029: Got The Chops For EXECUpreneurship?


There are plenty of benefits of being an EXECUpreneur (mashup of executive and entrepreneur).  And just like most good things in life it is certainly no easy task to start your own business. Ask anyone who has been there. Take Meredith…she just made it over the startup hurdle.  *High five Sister! No time for resting on your laurels my friend…now it’s time to ride…

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Ee 028 Choose Your Pain

EE 028: Choose Your Pain…


Jim Rohn is spot on. Cool thing…you get to choose which one on the daily. Mr. Rohn also noted, “the pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment.”  Boy was he ever correct. When you hear the term ‘self-discipline‘ what is your immediate response? For a lot of people, they think about resisting urges, fighting, and repressing something…

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Ee 026 The Proverbial

EE 026: The Proverbial “Elephant In The Room”


A recent survey found that more than 70% of people want to be some sort of entrepreneur. That’s awesome and I’d happily welcome each and every one of them to the ranks!  I can see how entrepreneurship would be a seductive gig.  I could rattle off a whole litany of reasons.  Some of the more top-of-mind are pride, purpose, freedom, and the desire to…

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Ee 025 A Bit About Me

EE 025: A Bit About Me, The Person Behind The Words


I’m Samantha Graber, AKA Dr. Sam.  I am so happy you found your way to The EXECUpreneur’s EDGE blog.  I wanted to give you a little peek into my world at this point in time.  I am loving the world of blogging (as well as podcasting) and look forward to growing this body of work to provide you with a unique,…

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Ee 024 Self Leadership

EE 024: Self-Leadership, EXECUpreneur’s EDGE Style


First and foremost, declare it is time for you to take care of you.  Time to focus on obtaining that E.D.G.E. you desire both in business and in life.  The EXECUpreneur’s E.D.G.E. doesn’t manifest in a vacuum.  Nor does it unfold while you sit on your duff in the seats of the arena.  Chiseling out your personalized…

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Ee 023 Lets Have A Heart To Heart

EE 023: Let’s Have A Heart-To-Heart


How many times have you started a “diet” but then you got off track and quit? A couple? 5? 10? If you’re like most people I’ve met, it is too many to count. How about the number of business programs you’ve bought to improve your “shelf-esteem”? Shelf-esteem is built by shelves all across the world…

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