Episode 045: To Love Thyself Is To Know Thyself

There are many things we can say about love… some idealistic, some realistic and some awash in hopeless romanticism that leaves us all feeling empty.

The one love I believe gets the short end of the love-stick is self-love.

In this week’s episode I take issue with a popular societal conditioning that tells us we are to ignore our own selves to focus on “the greater good”.

Humor me for a moment as I walk you through my thoughts on this.

Let’s start with a dive deep into “the greater good” reasoning.  

I propose to you that what is good for the “greater” is what is good for the one.  

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Samantha “Dr. Sam” Graber is an author, podcast host, keynote speaker and Holistic Transformation Coach for women ready to stop sacrificing their health in their pursuit of success.  

After a multi-decade career as a holistic chiropractor, she orchestrated her own transformation from burnt out doc to impassioned community curator.  

The Unraveling Together Community is where women connect and pursue a more holistic approach to their changing bodies and minds with a focus on their midlife metabolism and menopause, from pre- to peri- to post-.  Through masterclasses and co-working sessions, they cultivate more meaning in their individual lives while tapping into the collective wisdom of women.