Ee 038 How To Nurture

Episode 038: If Your A1c Is O.M.G., Do These 3 Things.

I’m curious…how often do you have your Hemoglobin A1c tested? Once yearly? Twice? Never?? (Oh my, let’s rectify that situation STAT!)

I’m sure you’ve had the pleasure of sitting in your doc’s office while they rattle off a list of acronyms that would make the cast of Sesame Street beam with pride.

“Look at you! You know so many letters! Well done.”

But truth be told this litany of letters can make one’s head spin. (It’s okay, mine used to take a revolution or two when I was learning this stuff way back when.) There sure are a wide variety of blood tests your doctor can run to help you manage your metabolic health. Most are best understood in reference to other measurements. On their own, they often fall flat on the scale of usefulness.

Then there’s the A1c…this bad gal can stand on her own for her usefulness is dialed in tight. Your A1c level is a trend that helps you and your doctor know whether your body’s ability to control your blood glucose (blood sugar) is working in your favor or not.  

Allow me to shine the spotlight on your A1c, she’s more powerful than you may realize.

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