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Unraveling Together

Hosted by: Samantha Graber

Unraveling Together is a podcast for women who opt out of the narrative that our best years are behind us and that we are now relegated to the back burner of society. We know our best is before us.

The Unraveling Together Podcast is where we are free to talk about the things "we just don't talk about". Sharing wisdom with those who come after us is a crucial aspect of our personal growth.

Episode 005: Taking Out The Metabolic Trash


This is Part 2 in the 5-part series, “Demystifying the Metabolism… why it ‘slows down’ in midlife and what you can do about it. (No ‘Detox in a Box’ required.)” In this episode, I cover the first thing you must do to jumpstart your very own metabolism upgrade. There are 4 moving parts to Step…

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Episode 004: “Have You Seen My Metabolism? I Could Swear I Just Had It.”


Have you ever misplaced something and looked frantically for it everywhere you could think to look? That’s what many a midlife woman feels toward her energy, her ability to shed a few pounds and her libido. In this podcast episode, “Have You Seen My Metabolism? I Could Swear I Just Had It.”, we will start the…

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Episode 003: How To Find Your Passion In Midlife…Heck, Any Time In Life.


Finding your passion isn’t always an easy thing to do. However, if you want to be a successful business owner in the midlife station of life, time’s a tickin’! The time is now. Your future self will thank you. Take the time to figure out what you are passionate about. Starting with these three tips…

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Episode 002: The Emptiness Within That Never Gets Filled. Until We Do This.


Most “transformation” and self-development systems, books, programs, courses, seminars, etc. are good and they work on some level when applied, but they are incomplete.  They don’t dive deep into who YOU are, what makes YOU tick and how to diffuse the ticking timebomb that continually derails YOU from what you really, really, really want in…

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Episode 001: The Midlife Unraveling Requires Chutzpah And Heaping Helpings Of It


Unraveling requires inquiry. It requires studying. Analysis. Sifting. And sorting. It requires letting go of expectations we placed upon ourselves and allowed others to pile theirs upon. It is not a passive event. Not in the least. The unraveling is not for the meek, nor the delicate. It requires chutzpah and heaping helpings of it!…

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