Episode 044: Why Your Adrenals Need Extra Love During Midlife

Just in case this is news to you, or you are like I was and think you’re invincible, this my friend is your “Come to Jesus Moment”.  Without the painful collateral damage, I endured a few short years ago.

Had I listened to those before me, I’d have beefed up my adrenals in preparation for perimenopause.  I would have much preferred to circumnavigate the pit of despair I found myself neck-deep in a few years ago.  But true to form, I opted to keep up my over-achieving ways, only to crash and burn.  

In this episode, I’ve got some hard-hitting tough love on tap for you along with 4 tips to implement right away for showing your adrenals some extra love during midlife.

Here’s the link to the quick mindfulness lesson I mention:  https://drsamgraber.com/freebie/mindfulness-video-lesson/

Bringing more mindfulness into your daily life is much easier than you may think.  If you’re a 40-plus woman, join us in the Unraveling Together Community for guidance on mindfulness and stress reduction as you enter your perimenopause and beyond.  

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