Episode 062: We Need More Women In Leadership. So Why Do We Ignore Their Needs In Perimenopause And Beyond?

In this episode, I pose some questions I believe every business leadership team needs to consider.  

If you are a decision maker for your company, consider this:  

  • How much talent, experienced leadership, and company wisdom are you hemorrhaging when women are faced with the lose/lose proposition that occurs when their needs during perimenopause  are ignored?  

Translate that into dollars.  

  • How much is this costing your company as a result?  

And if you are a company of one, like me, same questions: 

  • What happens if you’re one of the women who have a difficult menopausal experience?  
  • How much might it cost you in business?  
  • Your relationships?  
  • Your wellbeing ?
  • Who steps up if you need to step down?

I ask these questions to get you thinking proactively and to share how you can bridge the resource gap women in your workforce face, but may not be telling you about because they don’t feel they can.  

Learn more on my blog at https://drsamgraber.com/we-need-more-women-in-leadership-so-why-do-we-ignore-their-needs-in-perimenopause-and-beyond/ or https://www.unravelingtogether.com/