Episode 060: With A Rebel Yell, She Cried “No! No, More!” – A Perimenopausal Battle Cry

To transform ourselves, we need our Inner Rebel to be fully engaged. Yet channeling one’s Inner Rebel is challenging for most.

She’s “in there”, I promise.

In this episode we explore the making of an Inner Rebel and why her recruitment is a critical piece for completion of our #holistic #transformation puzzle. This is not an optional step by any means.

There’s one overriding common trait amongst those of us who channel our Inner Rebel: we are unable to blindly accept the status quo at any and all levels.

We are unwilling to conform to standards set by others. We push ourselves past these set boundaries.

It is this spirit that allows us to face a plethora of problems head-on while recognizing solutions to said problems. This spirit illuminates the opportunities that present themselves as well.

It is the same spirit that allows us to rise above the fear of failure and overcome doubts. It allows us to improvise, innovate, invent, and create new paths both personally and professionally, where none previously existed.

The sense of unrest amplified at midlife isn’t only in our thoughts and emotions. It is felt at a cellular level. We’ve accumulated toxins, depleted nutrients, and ignored our own cries for help. These cries come from our heart, our mind, and our body.

Unraveling Together is the place we talk about the things we just don’t talk about. Especially as women.

Unraveling Together is an Info Hub and online CoWorking Space focused on issues affecting women in #perimenopause and beyond. Unravelers are encouraged to do the work for themselves but are never by themselves as they do it. When you are in need of an assist, you have all of us right there alongside you.

The bottom line on every single topic we work through together… Ending The War With Our Bodies. It’s time.

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