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The ROXO way

MOVE well

When we move our bodies as they are designed to move, life is better.  We sleep well, our digestion improves, we gain energy and have stronger posture.  Our balance is spot on and we can do activities we love to do with greater ease.  

EAT well

Learn how to properly feed your body with simple tips on what to eat and what to avoid.  Learn first-hand how to navigate the grocery store and save money on your meals.  Enjoy tasty recipes using real food.  Health starts in your kitchen. 

LIVE well

Want to turn back the clock?  It is possible when you follow the natural laws of the body, and they're simpler than you think!  When you implement the ROXO way into your life, you will move well, eat well and ultimately AGE well!  Who doesn't want that?  

See ROXO in Action

Bodies of all shapes, ages and sizes love ROXO!  

Your body can increase bone density naturally with a simple once a week exercise.  Dr. Perry Cammisa explains how your body responds to specialized exercises that build bone density.

ROXO wellness has this exact machine as well as the reACT and whole body vibration.  

What makes ROXO unique...

Simplifying health for busy people...the ROXO way

ROXO wellness was created to simplify health for busy people.  ROXO is a studio where you can learn tools to move well, eat well and live well.  

MOVE well in 20 minutes a week...

Science and technology have added years to our life.  Strength training at ROXO wellness adds life to our years. 

Can you imagine REVERSING the aging of your structure?  

At ROXO wellness studio in Gulf Breeze, you can do just that!  We use a proprietary sequence of machines harnessing technology in a way like no other that can reverse the aging of your structure by strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system.  

Used just once per week, your muscles, bones and spine are strengthened through osteogenic loading, whole body vibration and core training.  A proprietary combination of three different non-invasive technologies -- bioDensity, Power Plate and the reACT trainer -- our system is designed to improve bone density, muscle strength, balance, coordination, and stability regardless of one's age or conditioning level.

The system in use at ROXO has positively affected osteoporosis, Parkinson's, degenerative discs, Multiple Sclerosis and various other conditions.  

It can enhance athletic training by maximizing the recruitment of nerve activity along with muscular contraction.  

The ROXO System consists of a warm-up followed by the Core4 program.  Afterwards the body's core is challenged by the reACT followed by a cool down.  

Clients leave feeling energized and ready to take on their week! 

EAT well with REAL food that tastes great!

We have overcomplicated eating.  

Navigating the maze of healthy eating can leave us feeling rather schizophrenic at times.  Too much of the information we are force-fed is skewed by those who fund the "research".  Most of the info is junk science anyhow.  

At ROXO wellness you will learn what is best for your body's performance.  At the foundation of healthy nutrition is eating REAL FOOD.  You know, the stuff that doesn't come in a box with ingredients whose names are 17 syllables.  It's the stuff of nature, grown in the best soil with the simplest preparation that fuels our body as it so desires to be fed.  It is our passion to help you find what works for you.   

LIVE well...naturally

I recommend using products for cleaning and beauty that are free from harsh chemicals that increase chemical stress in our bodies. 

One product line I use is Ameo Essential Oils.  You can use essential oils and combine with easily accessible items like coconut oil for beauty products.  

Check our Facebook page often for recipes to make your own personal care and cleaning products.  Save hundred$ at the store!   

Just ask my clients...

Dr. Sam gave me a great vacation! 

Last week we went to visit our daughter in Cali. We had a very busy schedule. We walked 2 miles every day, and several days we walked at least 5 to 6 miles. 

Before Dr. Sam’s program I would have never been able to walk that distance, or climb into sight-seeing trucks, or climb stairs to do all that we did. Instead of wondering if I can do it, I have the freedom now to just take it on and keep up. 

Thank you Sam!!  

Sally Vickers

In each 20 minute session I get bone density improvement, strength and muscle tone, plus Dr. Graber's awesome encouragement -- she is truly inspiring!

No bone density drugs for me!! They leach your teeth!!! 

My husband has noticed I'm no longer the spindly 57 year old that could easily have broken bones. 

I am so grateful ROXO is in Gulf Breeze and I am telling everyone I know and care about to GET OVER THERE and stop bone loss in its tracks!!! 

Also great for younger men and women, but I'm in the age category that is seriously motivated to stay healthy strong and pain free. 


Dianna Milan

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed using the MOVE well system as much as I do. 

For busy professionals, there is never enough time to work out but finding time to invest in my long-term health is a priority to me. That’s why I like the ROXO studio: going is convenient, worthwhile, and I never dread it! 

I have made this workout part of my routine and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Sam. I recommend ROXO Wellness for anyone looking to alleviate joint pain and improve your overall balance and conditioning.     

Parker Price

ROXO has this equipment

ROXO wellness started out as a BStrong4Life center.  I've taken that foundation and made it into a full body program to improve both strength AND flexibility in as little as 20 minutes per week.

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Learn the latest breakthroughs in all things wellness. (I will never sell your information, that is so tacky!)

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