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Wearable Wellness...HELO LX

The next 3 minutes will change the way you view your wellbeing.  

Transform your habits and reduce your stress. HELO LX will be the best accountability partner for your body and your mind.

Your habits and your actions have influence on your levels of stress, happiness and productivity. Thanks to the tips and measurements of HELO LX, you will recover control of your wellbeing by lowering the levels of noise resulting from modern life.

Carson Daly digs HELO LX

Well known Digital Lifestyle Editor, Mario Armstrong gives high praise to the capability combination found only with HELO LX.  

He demonstrates on TODAY show host, Carson Daly, how the HELO LX has an intelligence that runs in the background and learns it's wearer's patterns..no other wristband does this!  

HELO LX can help you get the most out of your healthy lifestyle with style and ease.  

Biozen reduces risk

It is now possible to mitigate the harmful effects from our devices.  

Every day we spend more and more time using our tablets, mobile devices and smart phones. We are constantly sharing information, networking and communicating with our friends, our business partners, or just using these devices for fun.

But did you know that all these devices emit radiation, which may be harmful for the human body?


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As you saw in the video above, the HELO LX is the ultimate device to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. And it's continually adding capabilities that are unmatched by other wellness wristbands. 

Shop the Biozen Store

Protect your family from the constant bombardment from electrosmog...it is everywhere and on practically everything! 

You can mitigate your risk by applying this shield to every device used by your family.  It is especially critical to have on devices used by children.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for Biozen packages. They are also included as bonuses in the multipack bundles of Helo LX.