Recipe Zoodle Tutorial

“But Doc…how will I live without my bread & pasta?” (Zoodle Tutorial)

If you’re like 99.999% of those considering low-carb eating, you’ll have one very pressing question.  Along with a hint of panic in your voice you’ll ask…

“How will I live without my bread and pasta Doc!”

Good question…I’ll tackle the pasta this week and bring on the low-carb bread alternatives in a future post.

Here’s a simple visual tutorial on making my favorite low-carb alternative for pasta.

Today, I’ll use zucchini to make “zoodles“.  I’m going with a spaghetti cut.  Most spiralizers have different blade options.  Mine has a tiny shredder (for angel hair type noodles), a medium shredder (for spaghetti type noodles) and a spiral slicer (for wide noodles, we use them for making Low Carb Beef Stroganoff…it is delish!!).

1/ Choose straight and thick zucchinis…the curved ones don’t work as well.
2/ Slice off the least amount from each end.
3/ Pan fry some garlic in olive oil. Once browned, turn off the heat.
4/ Place the zucchini smack in the middle of the spiked side and the slicing side (metal circular core).
5/ Turn the handle 5-6 rounds and cut off the zoodles. And voila! A delicious alternative to pasta. Full of fiber and minerals!
6/ Toss your zoodles in the garlic/olive oil mix. And voila! A delicious alternative to pasta. Full of fiber and minerals!
7/ Add your protein of choice…my go-to is a rotisserie chicken.
8/ One of our favorite busy weeknight meals…Chicken Zoodles Alfredo with Caprese Bites.

 The whole process takes less time than making traditional pasta.  No waiting for the water to boil, nor time spent wondering, “Is it done yet!?!” Here’s a quick video demo from yours truly. Some options for purchasing a spiralizer:

This is the one I have:  Amazon link.  Prime shipping available.

If you are a Pampered Chef fan…they’ve got 2 to choose from.  This is their Pampered Chef base model,…and here’s their top of the line Pampered Chef MacDaddy model.  NOTE:  this link is to my friend Sally’s site.  You can enter your own favorite Pampered Chef rep if you have one.  She is my Go-To-Gal for all things Pampered Chef!

Here’s one from Bed, Bath & Beyond (don’t forget your 20% coupon!):  Bed Bath & Beyond link.

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