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Channel Your Inner Dispenza. (Dr. Joe Dispenza That Is.)

Do you believe the way you think has some effect on your life

In other words, do your thoughts create your experience?

If you said yes, you believe that your thoughts create your experiences on some level, and with that in mind… “Did you wake up this morning and consciously create your future?”

The biggest reason why people don’t do this is that they don’t believe it is possible.  

Be real with yourself here… if you knew to your core that your thoughts create your destiny, your future reality, would you ever miss a day?  

Of course you wouldn’t.  

And you would never, ever, ever let ANY thought slip past your awareness that you did not want to experience.  You would know your thoughts are not just mindless mental clouds blowing in the wind.  

Get this, you think somewhere in the neighborhood of 70,000 thoughts in one day.  Out of those 70-ish thousand, 90% are the same thoughts as the day before.

Now, the same thoughts will always lead to the same choices.  The same choices lead to the same behaviors.  The same behaviors lead to the same experiences.  Same experiences create the same emotions.  And those same familiar feelings & emotions drive the same exact thoughts

What does that mean to you?  

It means that your biology, your neurocircuitry, your chemistry, your hormones, your physiology, your genetic expression will always be equal to how you think, how you feel, and how you act.

This is what we dive into with the KNOW>>FEEL>>DO Methodology here in Unraveling Together.  

TAKE HOME:  straight from my mentor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, “Your personality creates your personal reality”.  

Your personality is made up of how you think, how you feel, and how you act.  So, the present personality (as you are today) has created the present reality called your life.  Every single facet of it.  

Humor me for a moment…let’s just say that you’re all in with me.  Would you agree then if you wanted to create a NEW personal reality, then you’d have to start thinking about what you’ve been thinking about and change it?  

Are ya picking up what I’m layin’ down?  

And you’d have to start noticing those UNconscious habits and behaviors that lead to the same experiences.  That then create the same emotions.  In turn, reaffirming the same identity.  

And then you’d have to decide if you want to act and choose in the same way.  

You’d have to look at those emotions you’ve memorized that have become part of your personality, and decide if you want to bring those emotions into your future.  

Lightly clench your fist.  Imagine that inside your closed hand you have an emotion you are familiar with.  Let’s name this one “Disdain”.  You can ask your fist, the emotion of “Disdain”, “Are you coming with me, or am I leaving you in my past?”  Worthwhile question to ask of all our familiar emotions from time to time.  

We have never been taught how to do this, how to take inventory of past experiences and the emotional residue left behind.  We carry that stuff with us everywhere we go.  The term “baggage” is so spot on!  

Prior to doing my own inner work, which is a continual work in progress, I was lugging around a full set of Samsonites.  No wonder I was so strong!  

You see, most people try to create a new personal reality as the same personality and it is impossible.  

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  That’s a quote attributed to a famously brilliant guy we all know and revere, Albert Einstein.  

We literally have to become someone else.  

Remember the Act As If Principle.  The “Act As If” principle is when you think, respond and behave as if you are that future version of yourSELF whom you will breathe life into as we UNravel, together.  

There’s a principle in neuroscience that goes like this, “If you keep thinking the same thoughts, in the same way, every day, or at least 90% of them, and keep making the same choices that lead to the same behaviors, you will hardwire your brain with that thought pattern.  In other words, “Nerves that fire together, wire together.” 

As you repeat the same thoughts, choices, behaviors and experiences, you’re forcing the brain to fire in the same patterns and the same sequences and the same combinations, every day.  As long as you make your brain work in the same way, every day, you’re reproducing the same level of mind, every day.  And you begin to hardwire your brain into a very finite signature.  And that signature is like the box to the brain.  

That stated, thinking outside said box, would mean you would begin to make your brain fire in new sequences, in new patterns and in new combinations.  And whenever you make your brain work differently, you’re changing your mind.  

Because the mind is the brain IN ACTION.

The one ingredient that allows you to be IN the process, in ACTION, is information, knowledge.  Because every time you learn something new, you make a new connection in your brain.  That’s what learning is.  You’re doing that right now!

Learning is forging new synaptic connections.  

Remembering is maintaining and sustaining those connections.

Kicker is that if you don’t revisit that information again to review it within hours, or days, those circuits literally prune apart.  

As you learn vital information about the nature of reality, the new science of possibility, and you begin to wire that information into your brain, you’ll be able to recall and repeat the information.  This is  the neuroscience principle “nerves that fire together, wire together” in motion.

It is critical to have someone to recall and repeat with, so that in your weakest moments or your darkest hour (and we all have them), you don’t talk yourself out of possibility.  

I’d venture to guess that your inner voice has talked you out of a few good things in your life to date.  I know mine sure has and continues to try to derail me at times.  She no longer wins.  I am in charge of my outcomes, and I attribute that to honing my edge with the KNOW >> FEEL >> DO Methodology.  

So as you learn just a little bit of new information, you’re adding new stitches into the 3D tapestry of your gray matter.  When you contemplate and think about what you’ve learned, you’re making your brain fire and wire differently, you’re changing your mind.  Quite literally!  

Based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s UNconventional Wisdom that I’ve just shared, new thoughts should lead to new choices and new choices should lead to new behaviors and new behaviors should create new experiences and those new experiences should create new emotions and feelings.  These new emotions and those new feelings should drive new thoughts.  And that is what’s called EVOLution.  

You see what I did there?  That is bringing it full-circle my friend.  And THAT is just how I roll!  

I’ve studied Dr. Dispenza’s work in this same manner and it fires and is wired in my brain as if it were my own.  

I want you to embody it just as naturally.  And when you plug into the Unraveling Together Community, you’ll learn a proven strategy for doing so.  It works when you put in the work.

Revisit this lesson on the regular so you too can bring to life your desired destiny, your future realityAlign your thoughts, your choices, your behaviors, your emotions and feelings so you reinforce the new thoughts that drive your reality forward instead of dragging along with you the baggage from your past.  

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