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Unraveling Together

Hosted by: Samantha Graber

Unraveling Together is a podcast for women who opt out of the narrative that our best years are behind us and that we are now relegated to the back burner of society. We know our best is before us.

The Unraveling Together Podcast is where we are free to talk about the things "we just don't talk about". Sharing wisdom with those who come after us is a crucial aspect of our personal growth.

Awash In Stress, Wading In Past Trauma And Clinging To The Side Of The Hormone Pool


During one of my spiritual pleadings early on in perimenopause, I vowed that I would not let another woman suffer through peri like I was, if I just made it through it! Ever pray to the porcelain gods? It was like that but the nauseating head-spinning feeling did not end in 24 hours or less……

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Episode 070: Silently Slipping Into A Deafening Internal Echo Chamber


Allow me to paint the scene for you…in it, there sits a woman.  She could be anyone you know.   To the outer world, she is strong and centered.  She is the one everyone else turns to in times of trouble. All the while, she sits at rock bottom. Where she slips silently into a deafening internal…

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Episode 069: Your Libido Is More Than Your Sex Drive. It’s Your Zeal For Life (And Business)!


Our libidos take a hit at every bend in the road of life and the switchbacks intensify during midlife.  As does our stress. First of all, most of us are so overextended we don’t know if we’re coming or going.  We say “yes” too often to keep in line with our role as the “put-er…

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Episode 067: Why Cycle Tracking Is Pivotal In Business.


Have you ever noticed that one day you’re even-keeled, steady and everything you “touch” turns to gold?  Only to be followed a day or so later (maybe a week) when you appear to have been strapped into an emotional rollercoaster (against your will), taken for a wild ride (that is anything but fun), and now…

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Episode 066: Perimenopause Brain. It’s Like Pregnancy Brain But Then Again, It’s Not.


A common backseat driver of #perimenopause, and total nuisance, is #brainfog, AKA perimenopause brain.  It’s like pregnancy brain but then again, its not.   People are much more forgiving toward our forgetfulness, the occasional word loss, and our momentarily scattered selves when there’s a “Baby On Board”.  When it’s perimenopause brain, those around us can…

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Episode 064: Fostering Workplace Diversity Through Inclusion


There is an ROI on both leadership development and talent retention that you may not have given much thought to. Seeing that you’ve invested heavily into hiring, training, and the professional development of the women in your company, when they stay and grow with your company that can add zeros with commas to the company’s…

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Episode 063: Perimenopause And Her 3 Co-Conspirators: Your Thoughts, Your Emotions, And Your Hormones


As a result of my personal experience with perimenopause (peri) and the realization that peri is something we just don’t talk about, I made a shift in my professional focus.  We need to be talking about perimenopause. This is a conversation that belongs in every room in which there are women.  From the boardroom to…

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Episode 062: We Need More Women In Leadership. So Why Do We Ignore Their Needs In Perimenopause And Beyond?


In this episode, I pose some questions I believe every business leadership team needs to consider.   If you are a decision maker for your company, consider this:   How much talent, experienced leadership, and company wisdom are you hemorrhaging when women are faced with the lose/lose proposition that occurs when their needs during perimenopause…

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Episode 061: It’s Time To End The “Weight Loss” Quest. It’s Not About Your Weight Anyway.


You have more important things to be focused on than your love/hate relationship with your bathroom scale. Wouldn’t you agree? You’re up to big things in this world and wasting time engaged in a war with your weight is not one of them! The conversation around “weight loss” is not really about weight. Weight is…

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Episode 060: With A Rebel Yell, She Cried “No! No, More!” – A Perimenopausal Battle Cry


To transform ourselves, we need our Inner Rebel to be fully engaged. Yet channeling one’s Inner Rebel is challenging for most. She’s “in there”, I promise. In this episode we explore the making of an Inner Rebel and why her recruitment is a critical piece for completion of our #holistic #transformation puzzle. This is not…

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